Trauma Study

Trauma Study

Researchers in the lab of Prof. Dr. Michael A. Persinger at Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada, as well as Prof. Dr. Dr.HaraldWalach at CHS Institute Berlin have conducted and analyzed a study to research the efficacy of Ms. Palucki’s method for healing trauma from sexual, psychological and physical abuse. Ms. Palucki treated people suffering from trauma resulting from psychological, physical and sexual abuse with the Palucki Method. Before and after the treatment psychological measures were taken using standardized psychometric questionnaires, so-called Profile of Mood States, as well as electroencephalography measures of their brain-profiles. Further, specifically designed and conclusive Q&As were taken a longer duration after the treatment.

Results show significant as well as highly significant decreases on the scales of Tension-Anxiety, Depression-Dejection, Confusion-Bewilderment and Fatigue as well as a large increase of general wellbeing. Additionally, Q&As which were taken on average 5 weeks after the treatment show substantial increases of self-worthiness, motivation and onsets of a fundamental new orientation of life.

The pure Palucki Method is based on advanced psycho-logic means and on the body’s and soul’s own healing response. The method doesn’t require extra-ordinary abilities of consciousness that exceed the frame that is currently accepted by the mainstream of science. Neither it requires medication.

Further Experiments

Ms. Palucki has acquired strong abilities through many years of training. Therefor, additional studies and experiments were also undertaken to investigate and advance the understanding of such abilities. Dr. Michael A. Persinger’s Consciousness Research Lab at Laurentian University is one of the world’s most renowned science labs for research in this area.

Besides that and not connected to the Trauma Study, various experiments were done and data was collected from Ilona’s brain using EEG, measuring biophoton emissions from her body, head and hands, as well as experiments with cancer cells.

Analysis of the large body of data of the trauma study is ongoing and publication is expected not before late 2018. it is forbidden to release any data-results prior to publication, however, it can be already stated that the wellbeing of the participants clearly displayed improvements on a significant level.

Note from the editor: Due to data protection obligations we are not allowed to take or show photographs with participants.

Ilona Palucki with the Neuroscience Research Group (NRG) at Laurentian UniversityMs. Palucki arriving at Sudbury Airport, Ontario, CanadaIlona Palucki and Professor Dr. Michael PersingerIlona Palucki presenting an abstract on her breathing technique at the weekly meeting of the Neuroscience Research Groupwith scientist Mandy Scottduring cancer cell experiments

during experiments measuring biophoton emissions from Ilona Palucki´s bodyElectro-Encephalography measure


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