Trauma Study

During August 2017 Ilona Palucki was in Sudbury, Ontario for several weeks for the scientific study on the efficacy of the Palucki Method for healing trauma. A total of 9 participants who suffered trauma from psychological, physical and sexual abuse underwent treatment by Ilona Palucki. Before and after the treatment psychological measures using profile of mood states questionnaires (POMS) and the brainactivity-profiles of the participants using EEG were recorded, as well as final questions to and reports from the participants one month after the treatment.

Besides that various experiments were done and data was collected from Ilona’s brain using EEG, measuring biophoton emmissions from her body, head and hands, as well as experiments wih cancer cells.

Analysis of this large body of data is ongoing and publication is expected towards early summer or automn 2018. it is forbidden to release any data-results prior to publication, however, it can be already stated that the wellbeing of the participants displayed  improvements on a significant level.

Ilona Palucki with the Neuroscience Research Group (NRG) at Laurentian UniversityMs. Palucki arriving at Sudbury Airport, Ontario, CanadaIlona Palucki and Professor Dr. Michael PersingerIlona Palucki presenting an abstract on her breathing technique at the weekly meeting of the Neuroscience Research Groupwith scientist Mandy Scottduring cancer cell experiments

during experiments with biophoton measures


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