If a bad experience continues to trouble you,
if you are suffering from sorrow or from a trauma caused by
abuse, miscarriage, abortion, loss of a loved one,
if you find yourself enacting destructive patterns again and again,
if you are trying one after another type of therapy, but the distress just won’t end,
then you found the right place here.

Meet Ilona Palucki

Ilona Palucki is a holistic shamanic healer who
runs the ‚Spa for Mental Health‘
with apartments in the Provence, South of France.

“Highest attention, compassion and love are essential elements of successful healing. It is always an individual work between the client and myself, a significant event, in which I am attentive, respectful and personal to the highest degree. I guarantee you that.”

Offered Services

Ilona Palucki has achieved a breakthrough in successs-rates with her treatment approach that is low in duration and intensity. Her treatment expertise include the long-term healing.

Retreat  Spa for Mental Health

A space for health, relaxation and the finding of meaning.

You can book an appartment at Ilona Palucki’s Spa for Mental Health in the South of France. The spaces are furnished artistically and with much love. It is a basic requirement for me to create a harmonic surrounding and a loving atmosphere for my clients and guests“ – also in the garden, that is designed according to aspects of Feng Shui. It is an oasis for well-being in the summer- and winter- season alike. This facilitates relaxation and the encountering of new perspectives with the aim to discover new meaning in life for oneself.


The charming studio-apartment is lovingly designed and in a tranquille environment with 30 sqm of living space.It has…



In the backlands of the Cote d’Azur a place of peace awaits you with a small, but wonderful and opulent garden, lovingly…



The lovingly designed apartment is 50 sqm in size and located in the ground floor of the main-house. It ha…



What the Clients say…

I am 33 years old. After my second miscariage my life has started to change. I have had a breakdown for several months! The miscariage was not acceptable to me…more
I Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you have given me-explaining to me in a therapeutic way how to overcome the struggles…more
I was 8 to 10 years old. My granddad, about 76, took me often on his lap. He held me firmly with one hand while touching my breasts and underneath my nickers… more

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